Join the N2E Robotics Club!

Are you interested in robotics? Are you a robotics “novice” or someone without a lot of extra time? Never fear!  N2E Robotics is a new club where you will learn robotics concepts from the ground up. These friendly, non-intimidating modular sessions will be small, one hour, and will focus on hands-on learning. No previous experience is required to participate! 

Are you more of an “expert” than a “novice”? Or have you recently learned something cool that you want to share?  N2E Robotics will be a peer-to-peer mentoring club. We’re looking for students to teach 1 hour modules on a topic of their choice. For example, robot vision, robotic simulators (Open-AI Gym, Gazebo, CopelliaSim), SLAM algorithms, robotic navigation, DIY robotics platforms, etc. This valuable leadership experience will be a great resume item!

N2E stands for novice to expert. The main focus of our club is providing a friendly, non-intimidating space for students to share their knowledge about robotics and promote peer-to-peer learning . Our PI, Professor Dana, initiated a similar approach with the N2E Coding club in 2016 that is now a successful student-run organization at Rutgers. We are looking for students of all majors and class years to be involved, either as general members or as officers on our e-board.

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